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Basic Links
Here is the way to make a hyperlink.

<a href="">This text will be the hyperlink</a> 


This text will be the hyperlink

First the href part, I'm not exactly sure what that means but it makes a hyperlink.  then you put an equal sign and quotation marks, the quotation marks is where you  put the web address.  Then you put the greater than sign, and after that you put what you want the hyperlink to say.  Then you put the </a>, that tells where you end the hyperlink.


Color links
Here is the way to color a hyperlink.

<a href=""><font color="red">This text will be the hyperlink</font></a> 


This text will be the hyperlink

As in the Text Color Tutorial , only you have to put the font color in the hyperlink, otherwise it wont work. 

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Originally made on 10.26.02
Formally InLiner's Graphics and Tutorials