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This is a very important part of Java-Script.  It is used to print (or show) variables on the screen.  It can also be used to print just normal words.

The Command
Here is the command to print words on the screen.

<script language="JavaScript">

var numbers = 99*99;

document.write("Hi!!!  ");




Hi 9801

I'm introducing two new things.  First of all the Semi-Colin(;).  It tells the script that where that semi-Colin is located that is the end of a line.  It gets helpful in long scripts.  Then the Document.Write(), This is where you put words or variables that I want to show up on the web page.  I wrote HI!!! in one of them, you have to include the parenthesis if you want to display text, and no parenthesis if you want to put in a variable.  As you can see I declared a variable as 99 times 99.  It displayed that after the Hi!!! because its after it in the code.

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Originally made on 10.26.02
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